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Providing a professional and accessible service across the full range of employment-related matters, to establish the University of Wolverhampton as an employer of choice.

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The HR Service Improvement Project

The HR Directorate is undertaking an extensive service improvement project, which is set out to ensure that:

  • The needs of managers and employees are at the heart of our service delivery.
  • The HR service will be delivered through simple but innovative technology.  
  • The data and information we provide will meet appropriate needs, will be accessible and will be easy to understand.
  • The Policies, Procedures and Business Processes will be simple, clear, efficient and supportive.
  • The service we deliver will be built on a deep understanding of the University’s business.
  • The skills and knowledge of the HR team will be developed, underpinned by the competency framework provided by our professional institute the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

What does this mean?

We are reviewing and making changes to every aspect of our work, fundamentally changing how we deliver our service.  Our key priority areas at the moment are:

  • Reviewing how recruitment is delivered.
  • A comprehensive review and refresh of the organisation’s policies.
  • Moving to an online approach to absence management.

Work so far

A project plan is in place, which has a board with representatives from across the University and activity has begun to work on our priorities.

We have already reduced the number of outstanding HR requests by over 60% and will have the remaining items addressed by the end of March. Implementing improved processes will mean that we can stay on top of incoming work and can work with our stakeholders to agree suitable Service Level Agreements for delivery.

The University of Wolverhampton’ s over-arching purpose is to deliver an excellent educational experience to all its students. It has evolved over a number of years building on its successes and is seen as a well-respected and thriving institution within the higher education field.

Workforce Development Strategy 2018-2021

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